Workshop Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN technologies have arrived being key components in corporate networks and business applications nowadays. Literally every portable device offers an 802.11 interface besides its wired interface – if the latter is present at all.
In order to protect against unauthorized access while ensuring data integrity and confidentiality in parallel, 802.11 provides several integrated security features. Our workshop “Wireless LAN” gives a detailed overview on the 802.11 protocols as well as on all ascpects concerning WLAN Security, Design and Configuration.

Contents include:
  • Radio standards overview
    (802.11 – 802.11n)
  • Layer-2 WLAN Operations
    (CSMA/CA, SSIDs, Beacons …)
  • 801.11 packets and messages in Detail
  • Security:
    • WEP
    • WPA
    • WPA2
    • 802.1x und EAP-Methods
    • 802.11i
  • Radio  cell design and Roaming
  • WLAN Controller (CAPWAP / LWAPP)
Length of the workshop and previous knowledge:

The workshop has been designed for a length of 2 days. It is also possible to be tailored to your individual needs, of course.
Participants should have sound knowledge in TCP/IP as well as in networking basics (OSI Reference Model, LAN media and topologies)