Network Audit

Corporate networks, the basis for the complete IT communication structure, form the backbone for the business processes of all enterprises. Applications and services must be provided reliably for the users. In the network the factors of stability, scalability, availability and functionality thus play the major role. In this case, the IsarNet Network Audit supports responsible persons such as IT specialists with their tasks that are becoming increasingly more complex.

The existing network structures are examined thoroughly, documented and analysed: this includes the components and software releases used, the design of the different network levels as well as the possible implementation of Service Level Agreements for the existing and planned services and applications.

Scope of services of the Network Audit:
  • Implementation of the audit by an experienced engineer with CCIE certification
  • Development of the procedure and individual objectives and main emphasis of the network audit together with you, as well as the specification of all agreements in a detailed audit concept prior to the audit if necessary
  • Recording and documentation of all active components installed in the network as well as the software releases used
  • Preparation of the network documentation allowing for the different communication levels (documentation of layer1/2/3 as well as the protocols used)
  • Analysis of the software used with respect to known problems and general recommendations and software life cycles
  • Review of the network design in relation to the different communication levels.
  • Load analysis in the current network, highlighting of existing network loads, top-sessions as well as the recognizable trends
  • Highlighting of existing or foreseeable bottlenecks in the network if necessary
  • Baselining of the current and planned applications for the planning and provision of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Analysis of the existing and planned application infrastructure
  • Examination of the network with respect to the available and planned applications and services
  • Highlighting of steps necessary for the implementation of new services and applications in the corporate network (Gap Analysis)
  • Discussion of all results already during the audit on site with the audit and system managers
  • Drafting of a detailed audit report with a measures catalogue for eliminating faults and including suggestions for improvement
  • Final presentation of the results to the Audit Team and Management

The service package described roughly here can be customized to be in line with your requirements and expectations and in accordance with the conditions of your company, of course. We guarantee an absolutely sound and discreet implementation of the audit. It goes without saying that all results of the audit are treated in absolute confidence.

Are you interested?

A detailed and specific analysis of the requirements can only be made in dialog with you, of course. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to prepare and make you an individual offer.