Workshop IPsec

The transmission of data via public IP networks provides a good opportunity for connecting remote sites. Starting from home workstations, then small branch offices and finally up to the connection of large corporate sites, IPsec can offer the necessary security to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted data.

The workshop IPsec gives participants a good grounding in the technology used as well as the necessary practice to be able to operate networks securely with IPsec. Based upon the theoretical, basic principles that are mathematically complex in part, the different configuration possibilities are dealt with as well as extended feature programs and different design approaches. Appropriate practical exercises consolidate the knowledge imparted.

  • Network Security Basics
  • Public-Key infrastructure
  • IPSec basics
  • IPSec basic configuration / Lab
  • Advanced IPSec features
    • IPSec with GRE
    • Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN)
    • Tunnel Endpoint Discovery (TED)
    • oHigh Availability and Resiliency
    • EasyVPN
    • IPSec and MTU / Fragmentation
    • IPSec and QoS
    • IPSec and NAT
    • IPSec Order of Operation
  • Advanced IPSec configuration / Lab
  • IPSec deployment
  • IPSec Troubleshooting
Length of the workshop and previous knowledge:

The workshop has been designed for a length of 2 days. It is also possible to be tailored to your individual needs, of course.
Participants should have sound knowledge in TCP/IP as well as in IGP routing (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP).