Workshop IPv4 Routing

The Internet Protocol (IPv4) is the technological backbone of modern communication structures that includes simple file transfers, complexly distributed applications as well as integrated telephony. Sound knowledge of the underlying protocol mechanisms constitutes the basis for the successful use of the network infrastructure.
The foundation workshop IPv4 Routing / OSPF gives you a in-depth overview regarding the IP Protocol Suite, the different approaches in IP Routing as well as the function and configuration of OSPF.

  • TCP/IP Protocolsuite Overview
  • IP Protocols (IP, ARP, ICMP)
  • IP Addressing (VLSM)
  • Routing Basics (Static, Distance Vector, Link State Routing)
  • Interior / Exterior Gateway Routing Protocols, Autonomous Systems
  • Overview Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
  • Overview Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  • OSPF Basics (Adjacencies, LSA Database, SPF-Tree)
  • OSPF Area Concept
  • Route Summarization
  • Lab Basic IP Setup & static routing
  • Lab OSPF Setup
Length of the workshop and previous knowledge:

The workshop has been designed for a length of 3 days. It is also possible to be tailored to your individual needs, of course.
Participants should have basic knowledge in the networking environment (OSI 7-layer model, LAN-/WAN media and topologies)