Workshop OSPF

OSPF is one of the most widely standardised Interior Gateway Routing protocols. Low convergence times and high level of stability account for the popularity of OSPF, just as much as the wide support of all current manufacturers.
The OSPF professional workshop introduces you to the details of this routing protocol. The contents of the workshop cover details about the basic protocol, the different Area and LSA types as well as detailed troubleshooting.

  • OSPF overview and history
  • Link-state routing and shortest path first algorithm
  • Area concept
  • Stub, totally stub and not-so-stubby areas
  • OSPF neighbors and adjacencies
  • Adjacency establishment and Hello packets
  • Designated router concept (DR/BDR)
  • LSA Types and LSAs
  • Link state database and LSA flooding
  • OSPF route selection and convergence
  • LSA distribution and filtering, timer tuning
  • Autonomous system border routers (ASBR) and redistribution issues
  • OSPF design guidelines
  • Troubleshooting OSPF networks
  • OSPF enhancements (opaque LSAs, M-OSPF, IPv6 OSPF)
Length of the workshop and previous knowledge:

The workshop has been designed for a length of 3 days. It is also possible to be tailored to your individual needs, of course.
The participants should have sound knowledge in TCP/IP and basic skills in IP routing.